Our Classes

We currently have three composite classes. All classrooms are of good size and are bright, safe and welcoming.

Nursery and Reception (2-4 year olds) share a well-equipped room with Year 1 and Year 2 comprising a house and dressing up corner, reading area, computer and laptop access, and a plentiful supply of games and puzzles. All equipment can be easily accessed by the children who are encouraged to make good independent use of all the resources.

Year 3 and 4 share another well-equipped though somewhat more formal  classroom. This room also has play areas and a reading corner. Computers are integrated into all curricular areas and are well used by both teachers and pupils.

Years 5-7 are taught in another well organised, tidy and amply resourced classroom, where emphasis is placed on more formal learning, appropriate to their age. The pupils are encouraged and supported to develop their ICT and research skills using the well-stocked library and internet facilities.

Throughout the school there are bright, eye-catching displays, a mixture of teacher-led projects and pupils' own work, containing information for the children to read and learn from. Photographs of the children at work, play and on excursions are included to foster a sense of school pride and belonging.

The playground is brightly painted and has plenty of both large and small equipment and outdoor toys, where the children can play and relax in a supervised setting.